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ATLAS Philosophy

​Management Philosophy

​Contributing to the safety and security of society with our unique technology that looks ahead to the times

Basic policy

We will continue to provide technologies and services that are close to our customers, and will always be a reliable presence.

​  Products / Services We always strive to develop and propose original technologies / services that are advanced and reliable.

Realize a work environment where employees can grow and work lively with dreams

Aiming to be a company that is loved and indispensable by the world

​Action Philosophy

Humbly accept customer feedback and use it to improve quality and service

Work with a serious and sincere attitude, understand and practice the philosophy

Continue to improve and develop new technologies and services from a unique perspective that captures the times (innovation)

Don't be spoiled, don't run away, don't do other people's affairs (self-responsibility)

Always learn, think, and challenge ingenuity and innovation (self-transformation)

Repeated improvements and always act for improvement

Always have a team consciousness, help each other, and think about overall optimization (team consciousness)

High technology and professionalism (professional)

Always create the future and polish ourselves from a global perspective (globalization)

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