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​​ A company that contributes to safety and security

​Company Profile

We are the leading Non Destructive Testing (NDT) company, which has pioneered in revolutionary corrosion inspection system. Our home-grown AEPD(Atlas Electrical Potential drop)inspection system assess the reduction of thickness on the steel structure caused by corrosion removing the need of open inspection and tank in-service. AEPD is  applicable to both piping and tank's bottom plate.

​Business content

We have independently improved and developed technical equipment suitable for Japanese market. Our unique corrosion diagnosis technology with a high degree of assessment has been appreciated by large  industries including power generating companies, oil refinaries and petro-chemicals. It also complied with safety standards set by the companies including explosion proof standards.


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Non-destructive inspection of tank bottom plate

Non-destructive inspection and monitoring inspection of piping

​Inspection by robot / AI

Employment information

​Let's lead the world together

We are a company that innovates and implements new technologies for better future. Our conducive working environment has helped many fresh graduates to explore their potentials and grow along with the company. Companys work culture has contributed building confidence and help in the team working spirits. We always welcome fresh graduates, experienced ones to explore their opportunities in a company.

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